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Chapter 1 is the first piece of writing that Voodooattack posted on the r/HFY subreddit, it gained an immediate following and has lead the series to where it is today.

The chapter was published on 21st July 2017, and currently sits at 675 upvotes on the r/HFY subreddit.

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Ethan West, while playing a 'quantum roleplaying game', experiments with accessing parallel universes. In an experimental mishap, he is pulled through the portal as it closes, and is transported into an alternate universe with similarities to the game he was playing. He regains consciousness quite literally in the middle of an impending battle between the Krell and the Polarii Empire.

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User: u/montugar

That's what you get for letting Todd Howard Port Skyrim to the quantum computer while you were simultaneously running a Portal test

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