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Chapter 2 was posted by Voodooattack on the r/HFY subreddit on 21 Jul 2017, and gained 621 upvotes since then.

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Ethan finds himself in the middle of a battle between the Krell and a Polarii army, so he enables <Survival Protocol> in his implant, which allows him to avoid any and all danger. He becomes aware of magic, and decides to seek refuge with the Krell, who are human. After a few mishaps, though, he is targeted by both sides, until he talks with Kothar.

“My name is Ethan West, and I… I come from another world!"
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  • Ethan West
  • [Commander] Tailus
  • [Pyromancer] Aylin
  • Kothar
  • [General] Gremand (referenced)

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