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Guardian Of Knowledge and Custodian of Science


Scintilla is very mature, even amongst other Divines, and appears to be above the petty squabbling that many of the others fall victim to.

She is a very down to business type, and also feels a strong sense of loyalty to those who would help her, insofar as to claim she would never sacrifice her followers like other Divines.


Scintilla is a Divine holding domain over Science and Knowledge. She was brought into existence in Chapter 12 following the events of Chapter 11 in which Ethan West received the [Harbinger - Science] class. Mentally she appears to mature much faster than is expected of her, as noted by her actions in Chapter 14, in which she attempts to enlist the help of other divines to begin building a Hall of Knowledge.

When Ethan progresses and becomes the leader of the Krell and devotes their settlement to Science, he inadvertently devotes the citizens to Scintilla's faith as well, resulting in a large sum of [[[Faith Points]]] being awarded to her. Scintilla uses this sudden influx of power to grant the blessing of [Enlightenment] to the Krell. In the process she loses control of an experiment and causes an explosion to rock the Celestial Plane. Any damage is superficial and no other Gods are harmed, but the blast interferes with the mechanisms of Memeta's imprisonment by Crypto and leads to her release. This action, by virtue of bringing Memeta and Crypto face to face, is indirectly responsible for the start of the 3rd Celestial War.

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