The Theory of Thaumodynamics (Thaumodynamic Theory) describes the behavior and patterns of the fundamental force of Magic in the Magineer universe.


Mana, while the conventional name for usable magical energy, is also the given name of one of the fundamental particles associated with Magic. It acts as the carrier of Thaumostatic charge, whose type determines the effect the patricle will have.


Conduit is both the name of a Particle field permeating every layer of existence, and the name of the particle itself. the Particle Conduit is a "blank slate", completely inert and immutable by anything except a "thaumostatically charged" Mana particle. 


"Thaum" is the name for the Type of information a Mana particle carries while thaumostatically charged. The intensity of this information, it's "memetic charge level", is described using the unit

[Th] - Thuum.

The higher a Mana's Th level, the more intense the memetic charge level.

The types of Thaumostatic energy can be found here.

Application of magic

When a being casts magic, a multitude of things happen. First, their mind constructs or recalls the thaumic description of the spell in the form of Mind Runes or Thaumic configurations.

This description is then imprinted onto ambient mana particles the user carries within their body using their nervous system and brain. It is currently unknown if the only mana used during a spell is the one that was inscribed by the user, or if a cast spell can "drag along" ambient, uncharged mana to satisfy its energy needs.

The final step of the process is the release of the spell, which makes the charged mana particles interact with the ambient conduit field, which then produces the actual effects of the spell through an as of yet unknown process.

Special Case: Enchantment

An enchantment acts in many ways like a cast spell; There is a mana provider (a trapped soul, which is essential for any enchantment) and way for this mana to be thaumostatically charged. The magicite the soul is trapped in acts as an information storage device, as the mana from the soul flows through it, it is thaumostatically charged by the instructions imprinted upon the crystal structures of the Magicite by the enchanter, and finally released as the finished effect.

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