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The Wheel is the seemingly omnipresent data interface that is connected to all living things and that serves to balance the world`s sapient and nonsapient entities alike. It permeates the entire Prime Material Plane, and possibly much beyond that. It was created by the Divine Assembly, and designed by Eterna, the most ancient of the Gods.


The Weel's purpose is to keep all beings residing in it in perfect balance, including the Gods. It connects all living and nonliving things inside its sphere of influence, and distributes powers and penalties in a manner that corrects any percieved imbalance.


It was created by the Divine Assembly after one of the Celestial Wars, to prevent the destruction of the planes at the hands of uber-powerful divine followers battling using divine boons and abilities. It was designed and implemented by Eterna, oldest of the Gods.


The Wheel works by connecting the user's nervous system and brain to itself and all others who are also connected. this connection allows it to transfer magical energy, knowledge, and stimulate physical and mental changes within the user.

It grants every being two classes which are freely chosen, as well as the abilitiy to switch classes should a new one become available, and decline classes, at which point the declined class might influence the already existing ones, altering them. In this manner an [Engineer] touched by Chaos might become a [Chaos Engineer], gaining the ability to manipulate entropy in addition to his already existing skills as an Engineer.

It also tracks physical and mental attributes, which can be altered by spending attribute points, which will directly change the user's body and mind. So spending a point in Intellect will literally make you smarter, and a point in strength will literally make you stronger.

It tracks Afflictions as well, and can even dispense them when needed - So an injury that breaks a bone is tracked by the wheel, and alters the attributes of the afflicted accordingly.

The connection of the user's nervous system and brain allows the Gods to see through the eyes of anyone connected fully, as well as access their entire memory, personality and current thoughts. to date, the only person this is not the case for is Ethan West, the Protagonist of The Magineer.

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